Ledbetter Modular Spindles

from KCL Woods..
the Modular Spindle

Spin and ply using the same whorl!

Each Modular Spindle comes with three removable shafts. Fill one up, then unscrew it and begin another. No more unwinding the cop from the shaft, or sliding it onto a knitting needle and hoping that it won't tangle or fall apart. Think how much easier it is to match cop after cop when the spindle you are using is the same.

I have long wanted to be able to change the shafts on my whorls. After several conversations with Ken, he agreed to make a few to try. Oh my! Ken is a master spindle maker. As with all of his spindles, everyone is a work of art, no two exactly the same. All are carefully balanced and each shaft is matched to it's set.

** These sell out fairly quickly. Ken is making them as quickly as he can. If you wish to be notified when a new shipment arrives, send me an email.

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