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customers say..

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I received my skein winder and twin swift the other day and I am in LOVE. These are the greatest things ever and I was able to do an amazing amount of work in no time flat. You guys are the best. Thanks for taking the time when I was working on placing my order to get back to me via email and I appreciate all you did getting it shipped here. These are worth every penny and I am bragging to all my dyer friends about them. Anyway, thanks one more time. :)

Christa C.

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Multi-Skeiner 2


Multi-Skeiner II Winds 6 skeins at once!   Has all of the same features as our Electirc SkeinWinder II but with two sets of winding arms....

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The Electric Skein Winder II 2

The Electric Skein Winder II

Electric SkeinWinder II Adjustable 29" arms wind skeins up to 87" Shaped yarn pegs keeps skeins separated Built in tool box Rheostat...

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Triple CrankWinder 3

Triple CrankWinder

Triple CrankWinder: For the occassional dyer, the ability to wind three skeins at one is a real time saver! table arms wind skeins up to 2 yds....

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