The Wristaff

If you've ever had your ball of yarn roll across the floor of a plane or bus, under the seat of your car or down the bleachers at a soccer game, you need a wristaff. I use mine anytime I want to keep track of my yarn, even in the evenings while I watch TV. Who wants to chase a ball of yarn or haul it out from under a chair while you're trying to relax. For spinners and spindlers, Wristaffs can be loaded with unspun fiber. Made of leather cording, wood and beads. All are unique. If you have a color family that you prefer, please specify in the order notes.

$10.00 plus USPS Priority shipping.

** Please note that although the Wristaff price is $10.00, we will only ship these USPS Priority. Therefore the shipping cost is built into the price listed. If you are ordering other products, the $4.95 shipping charge will be credited back to you.

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